Celebrating Jewish Life Together

A traditional, egalitarian synagogue in Madison, Wisconsin, Beth Israel Center is a vibrant and diverse community of 260 families — a caring, spiritual home that is alive with celebration, learning, prayer and a commitment to tikkun olam.  

  • I take 'house of assembly' seriously; this place is about its people, and I like these people.
    — Juliet Page
                     I am always moved by the genuine pride felt and expressed by the entire congregation (not just the family) when a Bar or Bat Mitzvah performs well—as they generally do.               
    — Fran Schrag              
  • Many years ago, my in-laws, Holocaust survivors, visited us in Madison. My father-in-law found and happily attended the BIC daily minyan, where he found kindred spirits -- landsmen, even. I love that the tradition he grew up in, and loved, lived then and still does at BIC.
    — Sally Jones
  • The love and support we received from the BIC community after my father-in-law passed away was truly moving. We had no idea we needed that attention until we received it.
    — Jordy Loeb
                     We had a baby very soon after moving to Madison and knew only a handful of people. Thanks to the BIC kindness committee, we were inundated with food and help. In fact, we barely had to cook at all during that first very difficult month. The welcoming character of the BIC community is a big part of why we are members.               
    — Nadav Shelef            
  • Coming from a larger congregation where relatively few wanted to read Torah, I was, and continue to be, amazed at the number of wonderful readers we have here. I'm also excited about how many younger congregants read so beautifully.
    — Rick Ezell
  • Leading up to my Bar Mitzvah (in Philadelphia), I learned the importance of suits, country clubs, and Johnny Carson. I never learned to daven Musaf. I greatly appreciate the ways that Beth Israel is different than my boyhood shul.
    — Howard Bregman
  • Finding a congregation right away when we moved here was important, so I called around and said I was new in town and didn’t know anybody. The response from Beth Israel was to give us High Holiday tickets and encourage us to bring our kids. And we were almost immediately invited to more than one family’s home for dinner, including erev Rosh Hashana. We found our congregation.
    — Judy Pierotti
  • I began attending the morning minyan after my grandmother passed away and I wanted to say Kaddish for her. One of the minyan regulars discovered -- by the simple act of asking -- that I read Torah. The next thing I knew, I was leyning pretty much once a month.
    — Sara Karon

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