Caring for a Loved One

The Rabbi always wants to know if you or a loved one is ill or in the hospital for any reason.  Please email or call her at 847-421-1905 to let her know and to discuss good times for a visit.  Please note that hospitals do not automatically notify our office, even if you tell the hospital or nursing home staff  that you or your loved one is a member of Beth Israel Center.

At these difficult times our tradition has a lot of wisdom and consolation to offer.  Our community and Rabbi want to do everything that we can to be supportive and comforting.

When a Death Occurs

Please call the synagogue office, (608) 256-7763, when a death occurs. Rabbi Forester is here to help you in every way possible, and one of those ways is to assist you with information regarding funeral customs and arrangements. 

Your next call should be to Cress Funeral Home on Speedway Road (608) 238-3434.  The funeral home will need to know the names, birth date and social security number of the deceased, as well as parents' names, mother's maiden name and all pertinent information for an obituary notice.  Tell them that you would like the Chevra Kadisha to provide Tahara (ritual washing of the deceased).

If no one answers your call to the office, or if it is Shabbat or a holiday, call 847-421-1905, Rabbi Betsy Forester's cell phone. Please understand that if it is Shabbat or a holiday, the Rabbi will call you immediately after the holiday. In the meantime, you may get in touch with the funeral home, which is available 24/7.

If you know that the Rabbi is on vacation or out of town, call her anyway on her cell phone 847-421-1905.  Even when she is traveling, the Rabbi wants be a source of comfort to you and your loved ones. She will also make sure that resources in Madison are lined up to support you in her absence.

It is at times like these that we need our community the most.  Please know that we hope to comfort and support you in this difficult time.  We hope to ensure that you and your family are able to fully mourn your loved one.  We will ensure that you have a minyan for Shiva and if there are other ways in which we can be supportive, please do not hesitate to speak with the Rabbi.


More on Mourning & Shiva

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