Post B’nei Mitzvah Education

Netivon is an education program designed for teens and the physical and intellectual growth that is unique to the teen years; questions are deeper and more pressing, the teen experience is all about changes — physical, emotional, intellection, relational. Netivon will build connections while examining the core questions of life in the teen-age present and for the future. The content will be significant and not just secondary to socializing. 

Rabbi Forester is skilled at and interested in maintaining relationships with our high school students. It is important to all of us that our teens feel they have a Rabbi who knows them well, and with whom they can have deep conversations.  We believe it is vital that teens continue learning and participating in our shul community, and we don’t want our members to leave us with a 7th grade education. Netivon will help prepare our emerging adult members to go out into the world as informed, educated and comfortable Jewish adults.

With your help and support, Rabbi Forester will foster Jewish community connections in ways centered on the needs and attitudes of teens.  We know that teens and their families are busy, and we are not asking for a lot of time. Our intention is to deepen connections over five years, through three Shabbat experiences each year.

While we hope that you will consider attending Midrasha and MOUSY programs, as well, we see Netivon as an expectation for our students.  

Here are the dates for this year:

Shabbat Afternoons with Rabbi Forester:

  • November 23 grades 8 & 9 

  • December 7 grades 10-12

  • February 22 grades 8 & 9

  • March 7 grades 10-12

  • April 11 grades 11 & 12

Film Screening and Discussion (all-shul program)

  • March 19 discussion led by students in grades 10-12

Off-site Shabbaton (over Friday night)

  • April 24-25 grades 8-10

Thanks to an initial funding gift, we are able to offer the first year of Netivon for only $36 per student in grades 11 and 12 and $54 per student in grades 8-10. These fees will offset the costs of the Shabbat afternoon meals and the overnight Shabbaton.