T’fillah, prayer, is the anchor of Jewish spiritual practice.  In our tradition, we come together as a community three times daily for prayer.  Since the founding of Beth Israel Center over fifty years ago, our congregation has continuously maintained weekday minyanim, but in recent years it has become more challenging to be consistently certain that a minyan of ten Jewish adults will be present at each scheduled service.  Our minyanim assure that our members have a daily opportunity to participate in communal prayer, say Kaddish in times of mourning or yahrzeit, and welcome visitors to our community.

Maintaining a daily minyan is a core value of our congregation.  In surveys of our membership, many people have expressed a desire to support the minyan in some way and have asked to know specifically when they are most needed.  Beth Israel’s rotating minyan system offers all member families the opportunity to participate in maintaining our daily services by designating two weeks annually when their presence is particularly requested. 

We respectfully ask that at least one member of your family attend as many minyanim as possible during your week.  Morning services are typically 35-40 minutes on Sundays and 45-50 minutes on Mondays and Thursdays.  The evening service typically lasts 15-20 minutes. You will be welcomed and provided whatever guidance you may need to participate.  All services take place at Beth Israel Center, in the Small Sanctuary, except for some shiva minyanim, which will be noted on the Help Make a Minyan page.

If you cannot join us on a particular day, please consider asking a friend to take your place.

Our prayer community is a powerful connection to our Jewish heritage.   It serves our spiritual needs in times of joy and sorrow, and it is an important legacy for our children.  Together we will sustain this core resource within our congregation.    Thank you for supporting our congregation in this way.