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Tisha B'Av Reflections

Join Rabbi Sami Barth at Beth Israel Center for Sunday morning study encounters with "Celestial and Earthly Jerusalem" leading up to Tisha B'Av - the "Black Fast" day upon which we recall the destruction of Jerusalem and many other tragedies.

Beginning after Sunday morning minyan, and with a little light breakfast, we will encounter the metaphors of "Celestial and Earthly Jerusalem." What went wrong and what can go right? The Rabbis taught that Jerusalem was destroyed because of sinat chinam - divisiveness, hateful quarrels among the Jewish people. Was this simply "blaming the victim" or a spiritual diagnosis? Is there a message about Jewish unity in our own times?

Come to either or both sessions - July 23 and 30.

Earlier Event: July 27
Meditation & Study
Later Event: August 10
Meditation & Study