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Mikvah: An Aid to Teshuvah (Women)

Going to the mikvah to prepare for a holy day -- Yom Kippur in particular -- is a centuries-old tradition that is very much alive today. 

If you are curious about mikvah immersion, about how this custom can be part of your preparation for Yom Kippur, or just want to see our beautiful new mikvah, come to Beth Israel Center on Sunday, Oct. 9 (women) or Monday, Oct. 10 (men) at 7:00pm.

Rabbi Ben-Gideon will lead two nearly identical mikvah education programs on the Sunday and Monday between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. Come learn about mikvah traditions, explore kavanot (short intentional texts) particular to Yom Kippur, have the opportunity to immerse, and socialize a bit. 7:00pm. 

Please bring a towel. Beth Israel Center provides towels, robes, shampoo, etc., to those who make appointments to use our mikvah. However, we may not have enough of these supplies for everyone who attends these programs. Also, if you wear makeup, nail polish or jewelry, it may be more convenient to remove these things at home before the program (which would not be necessary if you were coming to the mikvah on an individual basis). Please contact Rabbi Ben-Gideon with any questions.

Later Event: October 12
Yom Kippur Break Fast